Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Next Gen Video Player Improves User Experience

Videos are probably the best medium for providing informative content and for selling products. With video you can easily show potential customers how your product works and convert them much better than with a written description of your product’s capabilities.

website video playerYou could, of course, upload your video to YouTube and also embed it on your site. But if you want to improve your viewers' experience through allowing them to choose to interact with the content, instead of forcing pop up ads and disturbing their watching experience, you may want to look at other options.

The new Boss Video Player allows you to showcase any information you choose based on time codes. You can sell products, provide general information and embed affiliate links, which makes this player an attractive option for many bloggers, who often review products and who monetize their blogs through affiliate programs. Giving the viewer more control, instead of pushing those links on them, should positively affect conversion rates.

Custom video players are also a great choice for e-commerce sites, especially for upscale brands and retailers.