Wednesday, July 20, 2016

New Tool for MOCVD Carrier Characterization

kSA Emissometer
k-Space Associates, Inc., a leading supplier of tools and software for ex-situ and in-situ metrology, introduced a new product, the kSA Emissometer, an ex-situ tool that provides MOCVD fabs with essential wafer carrier characterization, including emissivity uniformity and defect identification. The kSA Emissometer detects defects and microcracks that aren’t visible to the human eye. It provides full quantitative wafer carrier maps in 10 minutes.
"The real advantage of the kSA Emissometer is that it provides fabs with systematic carrier data that can be integrated into their quality control processes. It also provides a go-no-go decision on carrier use and quantitative determination of the carrier emissivity, allowing for temperature set-point adjustments for individual carriers. In the end, this will lead to lower production costs and better device yields," said k-Space CEO Darryl Barlett.