Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Temperature Maps at the Click of a Button

k-Space has recently announced the release of their new temperature measurement tool suitable for Veeco K465i and EPIK700, called kSA Scanning Pyro. Traditional tools deliver spot temperature variables while the original pyrometer has a dual system that can provide data right away to facilitate the achievement of equal steady temperature characteristics in different areas of the carrier. With just one scan, a complete climate specifications map will become available.

The Pyrometer can also be set to match to operate with other units, for example, the Aixtron G4 and G5, and the Veeco EPIK700. This mechanism is created to provide quick, fast and easy reading of the temperatures across the map. The new scanner will produce reliable climate information and locate cold or overheated spots. This information will let technicians make certain changes to achieve uniform temperatures on carriers and wafers.

The innovative device will increase the overall execution and a number of specific characteristics such as yield and wafer uniformity. Besides, this new tool has two censors that will scan the entire carrier at the same time, and will provide temperature mapping starting from the central part to the external edges. Moreover, the tool users will be able to set adjustments in such a way to either obtain the entire temperature mapping or pick a specific area for scanning. The information kSA Scanning Pyro provides will let the users start the analysis and, with kSA software, locate problems. This tool will assist engineers, and let them make crucial adjustments to improve their product.