Thursday, August 6, 2015

Copper Sheet Metal: A Versatile and Beautiful Building Product

Did you know that copper is a naturally occurring metal that man has used for 10,000 years? These days, most copper is used for electrical wiring due to its excellent electrical conductivity. However, because of its corrosion resistance, strength and malleability, this versatile metal has many other uses, including plumbing, industrial machinery and building construction and design. Copper is particularly easy to form, bend and stretch into copper sheet metal and complex shapes without breaking. It is even easily recyclable.

The Statue of Liberty’s copper sheeting may be the most famous use of copper, but it is also used on building walls, roofs, domes, plumbing, rain gutters, kitchen backsplashes and other adornments. Copper withstands the harshest of elements, making it attractive for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Many agree that it becomes more beautiful with age, as it develops that familiar green finish or “patina.” For building elements requiring beauty as well as a long lifespan and minimal maintenance, copper is a wise choice.