Friday, June 12, 2015

Solar Power Can Save Millions of People in Africa

Solar hot water system in South Africa (Source: Wikipedia)
The state of affairs in Africa is astonishing - hundreds of millions of families there have no access to electricity and live on less than 2.5 dollars a day. This is why it must be the West's agenda to have Africa bypass fossil fuels, revamp its economy by providing families with electricity, and save the world from dangerous pollutants. It’s also high time to change the ways of the corrupt electric industry on the continent, and change the way African authorities keep power from the people. Solar power can save millions of lives as we speak. With where PV industry is right now, high end tools that provide vital information on production parameters such as thin-film stress, solar panels accessibility around the world is at its highest.
More than sixty percent of the African continent have no access to energy. Almost half a million people on the continent die, and most of them are children. The deaths are caused by very severe air pollution. The source of the air pollution is usually domestic: many households burn wood or charcoal for cooking. But it is possible to reduce traditional fuels usage and transition to low-carbon energy sources by switching to solar power.