Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Amazon is Building Large Solar Farm in the U.S.

Despite being one of the largest shopping destinations, Amazon hasn't built up its good name by trying to preserve our nature's well being. The company has fallen behind if we compare it to such large innovative entities as Google and Yahoo, who's been championing ecology-friendly technology for a long period of time. While they were building our planet's future, Amazon was still running on fossil fuels.

However, photovoltaic metrology tools that can measure thin-film thickness as well as surface roughness and quality, and solar panels have never been so affordable as they are now, and things are about to change for Amazon as well. The company has set ambitious goals in becoming one of the new green leaders. The company has invested into what is going to be the largest solar farm in the nation, Amazon Solar Farm US East.

The solar farm is going to be located in Virginia, and is set to be operational by October of 2016. Amazon Solar Farm US East will supply Amazon Web Services data centers with energy avoiding pollution of the eco-system. And it's only the beginning of Amazon’s green era - since April twenty five percent of Amazon Web Services data centers' energy comes from renewables, and the new base in Virginia is projected to increase this number to forty percent. Now your favorite shopping destination is also going to become pollution free. However, despite such grand plans, Amazon is still going to be behind its competitors who are more tech-savvy, and switched to eco-friendly sources of energy a long time ago. The only way for Amazon to compete will be picking up a high pace in the solar department.