Thursday, March 26, 2015

Refurbished telecom equipment improves lives, the environment and your bottom line

At their core, technology companies exist to improve our quality of life. As a telecommunication organization you help people access information more easily, complete tasks faster and connect with loved ones thousands of miles away. But despite these noble accomplishments, there is one major downside to the telecom industry: the more than 1 billion pounds of toxic electronic waste that is produced globally, much of which is unsafely dumped in developing countries.

The good news? Telecom organizations have the opportunity to reverse this trend by utilizing recycled and refurbished telecom equipment. By partnering with companies that recycle, reconfigure and refurbish telecom equipment, you significantly reduce the amount of dangerous electronic waste that ends up in landfills near and far. Besides health and environmental benefits, “thinking green” saves you money by reducing your capital investment budgets.