Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Our Future May Depend on Innovation

Taking into account our modern trends and tendencies, there’s going to be a huge stress impacting our natural resources in the upcoming decades. Over the years, we are getting more and more technologically advanced; people are becoming richer and older, and will continue to consume even more water, energy and food. All of these directions will cause a more negative impact on the global environment. With the increasing population and its age, our natural resources consumption will continue growing, and with climate changes, some of the regions are going to be in a deadly disadvantage. The report believes that technology may be able to alleviate some these tendencies. Climate change will affect everyone both in urban and rural areas – extreme weather will cause shortage in food supplies and will start famine. Despite that, we believe that the future is still in our hands, and we have limited time, yet powerful resources to reverse some of the environmental changes that may come. Switching to green energy, installing solar power panels, investing into solar energy industry, and supporting PV panel characterization suppliers may save our future.