Thursday, January 29, 2015

New Mobile Data Management Tools Enable Unprecedented, Context-Based Data-Level Controls

With the increasing amount of valuable enterprise mobile data being captured and utilized, securing business data down to the data-level is more important than ever before. While controls at the mobile device and application level are common, managing security at the data level has proven more complicated. However, this is changing as organizations like KidoZen develop and refine mobile data management systems. With just a few clicks, KidoZen’s mobile data management product controls access and abilities based on a wide range of contexts including device type or status, network or mobile client, application, user roles and even geo-location. Mobile data management allows you to do everything from blocking jail-broken phones, requiring the display of HIPAA compliance statements before accessing patient data, and limiting customer data to specific users like salespeople or to specific functions like finance. Developers can even apply policies to manage both data at-rest and data in-use. Most importantly, development teams are in full control of these policies, and can modify any of the data policies without having to update client code. As enterprise mobile data management innovates further, what context-based controls might we see next?