Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Mobile Backend as a Service Simplifies IT Management

Mobile backend as a service (mBaas) is a platform that helps mobile developers link the applications that they create to backend cloud storage, and application programming interfaces (APIs) that are exposed by backend applications. These linkages are needed because web as well as mobile applications require similar feature as one another. Key features for users are push notifications, user management, authentication purposes, storage, messaging, and last but not least, logging. These features of mobile backend as a service (mBaas) platforms boost developer productivity. All of these features are provided and implemented from software developer kits (SDK), as well as application programming interfaces (APIs). Using these tools allow for application consistency. This consistency can help organizations save both time, and money as they create these applications.

Although there are many mBaas platforms, KidoZen offers a platform that simplifies the work for IT management, and offers data security for mobile app developers. These platforms are different than traditional mobile enterprise application platforms (MEAPs). The difference between mBass platforms and custom APIs is that many times, organizations are successful building custom APIs that show specific business logic. There are vast amounts of APIs offered by mobile backend as a service platforms that cannot be replicated.