Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Thin-Film Industry Supplier Keeps Innovating

Michigan technology supplier k-Space Associates has successfully been in the PV-technology business for over two decades now. Throughout some worldwide economy fluctuations it has managed to stay afloat and to evolve. By offering a wide variety of technological tools, k-Space has also developed new offerings and strengthened existing products securing itself a firm place in the market. A wide range of products has helped the company to acquire new customers in medicine, navy and many more research laboratories around the world. Some of the technologies were introduced more than 15 years ago but k-Space engineers keep working and discovering new applications for existing tools. The kSA MOS curvature and stress measurement instrument, for example, has recently found its new applications including but not limited to wafer bow measurement. k-Space Associates continuously add boosting features to existing machinery. For instance, kSA BandiT obtained new point view options and analysis software. They also opened a new on-site lab which allows their engineers to test the tools, examine samples, work on longer term projects, display tools and show the process to new customers. With growing demand of solar energy supplies worldwide and variety of industrial research facilities’ needs, k-Space remains one of the dominant caterers to various industries that rely upon dependable tools in steadily growing military, industrial and medical research.